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Errors & Troubleshooting

Error loading components


If youre experiencing troubles with documents signature, please, check:
1) Was the required software installed?
Distributive for Windows given at the link: UniCredit Bank Application (Win)
Distributive for Mac OS given at the link: UniCredit Bank Application (Mac OS X)
2) Is Unicredit Bank Application running?

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3) In case this program is not running now - please run it via desktop shortcut and check tray.

Port 8443 is already in use by another program, close it and restart Unicredit Bank Application

This message says that port 8443, which is required for the signature application to work, is already in usage of some another application. In order to find out which application is using this port, you need
1. Start Windows command promt
2. Type netstat -ao command, press Enter. The program will show the list of all connections with ports and processes that use them.

3. The last column shows the process ID that uses the port. You need to remember these digits.
4. Open Windows Task Manager (keyboard combination CTRL+ALT+DELETE). Click the View, then Column. Mark the Process ID (PID)
5. After that, in the list of processes for each of the running applications will be displayed the identifier. You need to find the match value that you remembered in step 3. This application also occupies port 8443.

Signature discarded by user

This error can occur in case of two reasons:
1. Incorrect work of signature application.
To solve this issue you must restart UniCredit Bank Application and browser.
a) Right-click on application shortcut at system tray area
b) Choose Exit
c) Run it again from desktop shortcut and restart your browser

2. Signing several documents of different types (such as payments and currency control documents) at the sama time. Sometimes it is required to sign these documents separately.

This certificate is not supported by applet

Current ertificate has been generated in the signature application, but you are trying to sign documents via old Java applet signature feature. This is technically impossible. It is necessary to close the browser, run the Unicredit Bank Application (install if it's not yet installed) and continue working in the Business.Online system.

Incorrect password

This message can occur, if you use eToken which has password for a key container and a PIN for device itself. Password and PIN may not not be the same and it is strongly recommended remember password and PIN. Both of them you specify on a stage of primary key generation.

Certificate validation error (with ruToken)

Format ruToken and repeat generation again.
Check that the ruToken drivers are installed correctly or reinstall them.
Check whether used ruToken received from UniCredit Bank only and not from another bank

Nothing happens or system hovered and does not respond when you click on Sign

It is necessary to reset path to key storage in system settings.
1. Choose SETTINGS and Maintain A&A devices
2. Press Reset
3. Try to sign documents again.

Other technical questions and troubles

In case you didn't find an answer for your question..
send a letterto the support service with your trouble ... Click on icon to get the information
Please, specify your customer ID in a subject.

It is necessary to provide maximum of information about any errors with screenshots (if possible).

It is recommended to provide your contacts in case we will need to contact you.
We will respond to you as soon as possible.
You can also contact us via the phone+7 (495) 258-7232 (or 8 (800) 700-9932 - free for Russia).
Support service worjking hours: Mon-Thu: 7 AM - 8 PM, Fri: 7 AM - 6:45 PM